Your pictures: The Glasgow Garden Festival

Alan Cameron Image copyright Stewart Kerr
Image caption This shot is taken from the top of the Clydesdale Bank Tower. Stewart Kerr says his main memory of the festival is of the huge variety of colour and displays.

The Glasgow Garden Festival was 30 years ago but still remains close to the heart of the ‘Dear Green Place’.

A section of the the south bank of the River Clyde was transformed from declining dockyard into green space, theme park and adventure playground.

Allan M Comire Image copyright Jim Watt
Image caption Jim Watt, from Largs, took this pic of his son Jamie enjoying some of the festival attractions. Jim says: “I have wonderful memories of the Garden Festival, what an amazing event and what wonderful weather. Glasgow should look back with pride.”

Over five months from 26 April 1988 it attracted an amazing 4.3 million visitors and was credited with helping the process of reinventing Glasgow’s image.

We asked for some of your memories of the festival and received loads of shots covering the opening ceremony, the giant flowers and a lot of original rollercoaster tickets.

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Anne Peters Image copyright Anne Peters
Image caption Just what is holding up that tap? Anne Peters, her husband Ray and daughter Angela made two trips to the Garden Festival. She says the festival was an unforgettable experience.
CLYDESDALE BANK Image copyright David Murray
Image caption David Murray, from Hamilton, sent us some great shots of the surprises amongst the garden displays around the site.
Diana Image copyright Tony Sharp
Image caption All aboard! Trams were a familiar site for festival-goers. Tony Sharp took this picture and says what he remembers most was the complete transformation of the site, the happy atmosphere throughout and the excellent weather.
Freddie Mack Image copyright Ailie Duncan
Image caption Ailie Duncan and husband Michael had season tickets and went weekly throughout the event. Here she is taking some time out with Para Handy.
Janey Image copyright Catherine Craig
Image caption The festival had flowers, big flowers and gigantic flowers. It was a magical place to visit, says Catherine Craig, who made a number of trips to be able to see more and more of the site.
Jim Watt Image copyright Suzanne Gill
Image caption This is Suzanne Gill, in a yellow raincoat aged 3, with her dad Thomas Gill. Suzanne wasn’t so lucky with the weather and her mum says this was the only time she smiled the whole day.
Michael Nicoll Image copyright Alan Cameron
Image caption Alan Cameron remembers that there were boat trips on the Clyde from below the Tower. The Coca Cola rollercoaster, trams and fancy glass houses also stick in his mind.
Pat Ruxton Image copyright Michael Nicoll
Image caption This striking and slightly moody shot of the sheer scale of the festival site was captured by Michael Nicoll.
Alan Cameron Image copyright Clark Whyte
Image caption Jings! Clark Whyte says that the festival was a fabulous advert for Glasgow and he got to meet a lifelong pal whom he still sees every Sunday – Oor Wullie.
Allan M Comire Image copyright Lynda Chisholm
Image caption Hello, is it me your looking for? Lynda Chisholm says BT had this giant phone at the festival, where they offered free phone calls to anyone, anywhere. This is Lynda phoning her mum in Victoria BC, Canada.
Anne Peters
Image caption It’s amazing how many tickets and mementos people have kept. Here we have a day ticket belonging to Stewart Kerr. Meanwhile, Beth Davies says this Garden Festival van is currently in use by her own children. And Julie Donaldson is still using her granny’s key ring and says she managed to convince the rollercoaster operator she was tall enough to get on.
CLYDESDALE BANK Image copyright Pat Ruxton
Image caption And what a draw the rollercoaster was. It dominated the site along with the Tower and brought a little bit of Disneyland to the Clyde. Pat Ruxton said her son loved the Coca Cola ride much more than his mother and father.
Diana Image copyright David Ross
Image caption David Ross still remembers the thrill of getting on the front of the rollercoaster and the anticipation as it cranked its way up to the release point.
Freddie Mack Image copyright Malcolm Kerr
Image caption Malcolm Kerr captured this cheeky shot. He says it was simply a case of standing in the right place and waiting until the tower gondola got to the top. His overwhelming memories are of the “amazing creativity everywhere you looked” and everyone had a smile on their face.

Interactive Glasgow Garden Festival then and now



Michael Nicoll Image copyright Gerry Hill
Image caption Gerry Hill sent us this picture of the late Radio Clyde DJ “Mr Superbad” – aka Freddie Mack – entertaining the kids at the festival. The wee boy looking back is his son Gordon.
Pat Ruxton Image copyright David Lorimer
Image caption Another season ticket holder was David Lorimer, who kept coming back with his family of four. This nice shot shows a bit of blethering “hanging out the windows”.
Alan Cameron Image copyright Sylvia Beaumont
Image caption The official opening day of the festival was attended by Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Sylvia Beaumont, who sent this in, went every week – including the opening and the closing days.
Allan M Comire Image copyright Pat Ruxton
Image caption The royal couple toured the site by tram and also took a turn up the festival tower. Pat Ruxton says the opening ceremony was exciting, but rather chilly.
Anne Peters Image copyright Leonard Low
Image caption When you’ve got giant flowers, some giant gardening tools are always handy. Leonard Low snapped these near the South Rotunda.
CLYDESDALE BANK Image copyright Leonard Low
Image caption Sculpture was a feature all around the site, in among the gardens, trams, train line, play parks and along the river.
Diana Image copyright Sylvia Beaumont
Image caption Another celebrity draw – this time Taggart, the late Mark McManus, judging a teddy bear competition.
Freddie Mack Image copyright Leonard Low
Image caption Glasgow or the city of the future? The festival site housed some early versions of the bold, shiny, glass buildings that now line parts of the Clyde.
Janey Image copyright Allan Comrie
Image caption Allan Comrie sent us this shot taken by his late father Allan M Comire, looking across the Clyde to Yorkhill. Allan says his parents made good use of their season tickets, even “bizarrely taking a trip on the Coca Cola Roller when, at their ages, they really should have known better”.
Jim Watt Image copyright Janey Godley
Image caption And finally here we have Ashley Storrie, Scottish comedian, aged 2, interrupting the live band with a mouth organ at the Garden Festival. This was kindly sent in by her mum, Janey Godley, also Scottish comedian.

All images copyrighted. Apologies to the many people who sent in pictures we haven’t had space to use.

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