Woman Says She Was Raised To Take Care Of Her Husband, Gets Roasted With 14 Responses

Twitter is definitely a place for people to share opinions, express their frustrations, or dish out hot takes. So it’s no shock to see a single tweet with someone’s thoughts explode into a full thread with people clashing, gifs and reaction images flying, and things becoming very personal. Especially when a person’s tweet touches a sensitive subject or a topic that many people have shifting opinions on.

This is exactly what happened to Brylea Kay, a college student from Texas.

On June 10, Brylea decided to share her thoughts on Twitter that sparked an outrage


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Image credits: _brylealangley

The woman shared a tweet detailing what kind of wife she would be and how she was raised. Cooking, cleaning, and washing her husband’s clothes are just some of the things Brylea says she’d do for her man, working round the clock to make him happy. She even describes it as being “old fashioned” and judging by the way people responded, many agree (and more).

Image credits: _brylealangley

As soon as Brylea tweeted this, hundreds of people rushed to like, retweet, and, of course, drop their two cents in. And the general response? Not exactly positive. People pointed at many different aspects of the original tweet saying that it was internalized misogyny and sexism at work. Brylea later tweeted that their response was so harsh, she saw some replies where people wished she’d die, which is, of course, extreme and undeserved.

Most of the people didn’t take to Brylea’s thoughts kindly and offered her their own thoughts

Image credits: Danni_Short


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However, there were also people who didn’t have as harsh of a reaction


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Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific

This post was curated & Posted using : RealSpecific

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