What Trusting Your Person Not To Cheat Really Means


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Trusting your forever person means you don’t freak out when you see them smiling at their phone. You don’t jump to conclusions about how they must be texting someone prettier than you, someone funnier than you, someone who is going to replace you.

Trusting your person means you don’t get too worried when they have to stay late at work or get stuck in traffic on the way home. It means you assume their reasons about why they aren’t home at the usual time are true. It means you don’t even the possibility that they could have been sneaking around behind your back, they could have been meeting up with someone else, they could have been betraying your trust.

Trusting your person means you give them space to make their own decisions. You don’t make ultimatums about who they’re allowed to text or what they’re allowed to wear when they leave the house. You don’t become controlling or manipulative and start setting strict rules for them. You might give them an of your boundaries, of what you consider appropriate versus inappropriate so you’re on the same page, but you don’t have to do anything more drastic than that because you trust them not to hurt you. You trust them to do the right thing.

Trusting your person means you don’t feel the need to snoop through their phone or email when they’re turned the other way. It means you don’t feel the need to ‘test’ them to make sure they’re faithful to you. It means you’re confident they aren’t hiding anything from you, they aren’t lying to you, they aren’t sending risque texts or pictures to anyone other than you.

Trusting your person means giving them the benefit of the doubt. Whenever they screw up (in a small, understandable way), you accept their apology. You forgive them and give them a chance to set things right because you understand people make mistakes. You understand your person is imperfect — and you believe them when they say it will never happen again. You believe them when they say it kills them that they hurt you.

Trusting your person means staying calm when it seems like something sketchy is going on because you know your person must have a rational explanation. It means controlling your jealousy when your person talks about their exes or old flames. It means believing their feelings for people from their past are long gone. It means believing they would never screw you over, abandon you, or trade you in for someone new because they have too much love and respect for you.


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Trusting your person means feeling confident they would never betray your trust, they would never sneak behind your back, they would never do you dirty.

Trusting your person means trusting your own judgement. It means you’re confident you’ve chosen the right person instead of settling for the wrong one. It means you’re sure there isn’t anyone out there better suited for you, there isn’t anyone who would be able to treat you better.


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