Watch Alexa rap with Too Many T’s in this interactive music video

Alexa can already sing and rap, but now she’s the star of a new music video by the English rap duo Too Many T’s. The London-based rappers this week released an interactive video that lets Alexa sing along by triggering with voice commands, then pausing while she answers. The result is essentially a duet between Alexa and Too Many T’s that you can listen to at home using your own Alexa device, when played within earshot of your sound system’s speakers or some other source of audio.

In the video below, Too Many T’s explain how the interactive experience works and demo it with an Echo Dot.

If you don’t have an Echo device of your own, this would be the one to watch:

However, if you do have an Echo or some other Alexa-powered speaker, you’ll want to play the “Home” version of the song instead.

This is the version where they’ve left openings in the song for your own Echo to respond to the various triggers.

To try this out for yourself, you’ll need a voice device that responds to the name “Alexa” (not “computer” or “Amazon” if you’ve changed it). And you’ll need to set your device to U.S. English.

In the video, Alexa is asked questions like, “what’s 250 million times 0.004?” and “Alexa, can you sing in auto-tune?” (She can, and it’s awesome.)

And she’s told, “Alexa, high-five,” among other things.

The video cleverly wraps by commanding your Alexa to play the Too Many T’s song “South City Court.”

Good one, guys.

Happy Friday.

(h/t: AFTVNews

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