Trump on trade deal: ‘We’re working on Canada’


Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump is now turning his focus toward cutting a trade deal with Canada after the United States and Mexico reached an agreement on Monday.

On Monday from the Oval Office, Trump announced the US-Mexico agreement, which would change parts of NAFTA.
“They used to call it NAFTA,” Trump said Monday. “We’re going to call it the United States-Mexico trade agreement. We’re going to get rid of NAFTA because it has a bad connotation.”
    Trump continued his criticism of NAFTA during his Tuesday interview, emphasizing that the effort to open up markets would be good for farmers.
    “For one thing, we’re going to get rid of barriers and we’re going to open up markets, and it’s going to be great for farmers. And farmers were really at the top of my list, because I think they’ve been treated very unfairly for many years — including by NAFTA — but very unfairly for many years, because they have barriers,” Trump said.
    Canada, according to Trump, has also been in conversations about joining the new deal. However, Trump said right now they’re “not letting anyone else in the deal because of the fact we want to make sure our farmers are properly taken care of, and if they’re not going to be properly taken care of — we’re not going to do the deal.”
    Trump said the United States told Canada that it would retaliate with tariffs if the northern neighbor continued to maintain its “barriers.”
    “We just said look, if you don’t do something about these barriers that you have and these tremendous tariffs that you have for our farmers and others, then we’re not going to be making a deal, we’re just going to tariff you coming back in. Because Canada has been very rough on our farmers,” Trump said.
    On Monday, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto also shared through a translator his hopes that Canada would now “also be able to be incorporated in this.”

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