Tommy Wiseau wants a role in ‘Star Wars’


Tommy Wiseau—the infamous actor, director, and producer of cult classic The Room–is ready to return to the big screen. If it’s up to him, his next big break will be in Star Wars.

Responding to a previous tweet from the official Star Wars account which referenced a scene in The Room, Wiseau wrote, “Oh, hi, Mark. Put me in the next Star Wars.”

Obviously, Wiseau’s fans are all for it.

Wiseau is not the first person to have this ingenious idea, however. Fans sent him a YouTube video published in May that’s an incredible mashup of The Room and the Star Wars series. Creators were easily able to add Wiseau to various scenes since The Room was filmed using a green screen.

Wiseau and his film have re-appeared in the spotlight since the Franco brothers’ movie about The Room, called The Disaster Artist, hit select theaters on Dec. 1. The movie has already grossed $1.5 million, even though it wasn’t distributed widely until Dec. 8, according to Box Office Mojo.


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