This Was The Single Most Liked Instagram Of 2017

It’s December, so that means that there are only 31 days left for 2017 to fuck with us, and it’s officially the start of “Best of 2017” lists. While we all wait for DJ Earworm’s mix, Instagram announced the most liked Insta of the year. That title goes to Beyoncé for her pregnancy announcement pic. Honestly, I could have called this back in February, but whatever. The photo got 11.1 million likes, which is way more than Selena Gomez’s 6.8 million likes for a pic of her drinking Coke.

Cristiano Ronaldo got second place for a hospital pic of his child being born. Third was another pic of Beyoncé with Rumi and Sir Carter. Fourth was Selena Gomez in a hospital bed during her kidney transplant. And Cristiano Ronaldo got another ranking at fifth for a photo of him with his kids. Tbh that’s all a little G-rated. They make 2017 look like a Disney Channel Original movie. So naturally, we decided to put together a list of the actual best Instas of 2017.

1. Kim Kardashian Recreating Her Infamous Nude Bathroom Selfie

2. Selena Gomez Advertising Her Relationship With The Weeknd (RIP)

3. Taylor Swift’s Snake Video Before Her Album Release

4. Michelle Obama Doing A Plank And Showing Off Her Post-Breakup With America Body

5. Britney Spears Painting In Lingerie

6. Drake Looking Like Every Alum Who’s Back For Homecoming Hanging Out With The New Pledge Class

And asking freshmen girls if they “want to go somewhere quieter”

7. Justin Bieber Having An Exorcism

(P.S. who told him this bandana was a good idea? Selena, come get your mans.

8. When Anna Wintour Met Nicki Minaj

Seriously, Anna looks like a fangirl here.

9. Khloé Kardashian’s Post That Broke The Internet Over Whether Or Not She Got A Nose Job

10. When Rihanna Photoshopped Queen Elizabeth’s Face Onto Her Body


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