This Puppy Gets Dropped By A Bird Of Prey, Turns Out Hes A Purebred Endangered Dingo

The world is full of surprises. Anyone can find something to marvel about but let’s admit that one thing rarely misses the eye. And of course, it’s cute fluffy animal babies. You may ask where’s the surprise in that. Well, no matter how cliched it may sound, it sure is a surprise when something like a puppy falls down from the sky. That’s exactly what happened with this cute furball in rural Australia. Scroll down for the full story!

Some surprises do indeed fall from the sky and such was the case of Wandi


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This little fluffer is named Wandi and was found in a backyard in the small town of Wandiligong this August. The family found Wandi after hearing him whimpering in the morning. At first, they thought he was lost, so they left him alone but after no one came looking for him, they figured he might not be a normal pupper.

The puppy was found in a backyard of Wandiligong, rural Australia

After being most likely dropped by a bird of prey

They took Wandi to veterinarian Rebekah Day who works in the nearby town of Bright. She noticed that he had scratches on his back and assumed they were probably the doing of some large bird of prey since there were loads of them in the area. “We have seen lambs and small dogs picked up on occasion,” said the veterinarian.

The family who found him first thought he was a stray puppy

After no one came looking for him, they began to think this might not be a normal puppy

Dingo Discovery Foundation heard about the puppy and got in touch with Day, who agreed to take care of Wandi for a little while, as well as to send off a genetic sample to the University of New South Wales for DNA tests.

The puppy was then taken to Day’s Alpine Animal Hospital in the nearby town of Bright


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Where veterinarian Rebekah Day noticed marks on Wandi’s back which looked like scratches

The results came after a couple of weeks, the foundation was delighted to find out that the little fluffer was actually a 100% purebred dingo! Everyone was overjoyed since it’s very rare for the sanctuary to get to take in a purebred dingo puppy since they are on the brink of extinction. Dingoes are native to Australia but are currently listed as vulnerable species due to reduced numbers by habitat destruction and hunting.

She assumed that since there are some large birds of prey in the area, it is most likely their doing

People on the Internet were instantly amused by Wandi’s story


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