This Facebook Group Is Dedicated To Coriander (Cilantro) Haters And Here Are The 30 Funniest Images

Do you hate coriander? I know I do. Here’s what I didn’t know: that I’m far from the only one. If you’re like me, then you might be surprised to learn that there’s a whole online community of people whose sole purpose in life is to express their distaste for the icky green herb.

The Facebook group called I Hate Coriander is dedicated to convincing others to start hating coriander and acts as a support platform for all those wronged by its nefarious existence. The group’s profile picture clearly shows its members’ feelings with the phrase “Coriander Sucks” proudly emblazoned on a black background.

Why all the hate for coriander, though? Surely, this herb did nothing wrong and must be innocent in all of this? Wrong. Some people hate the taste. Others hate the smell. Still, others avert their eyes anytime coriander enters their field of view.


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However, the majority of coriander haters agree that it’s the combination of all three – the taste, the smell, the sight – that makes coriander unbearable and a blight on our existence in this otherwise beautiful and wonderful world. The Facebook group is full of photos of people showing the middle finger to coriander in shops, so scroll down below to check the best pictures out and don’t forget to comment and vote for your favorites!




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The I Hate Coriander fan club isn’t too tolerant of coriander lovers, however. One Facebook user posted a photo of coriander and commented that she “loves the stuff”. The group’s members proceeded to call her a “sicko”, started talking about how coriander “tastes like soap” and “deserves to be extinct”. Meanwhile, the I Hate Coriander official account wished the coriander lover “an absolutely horrible weekend”.



The coriander-hating Facebook group is chock-full of absolutely hilarious memes. For example, there are people joking how stirring olive oil into coriander makes it easier to throw it out into the bin. Others describe anxiety as the coriander in the sandwich of life. Obviously, these aren’t compliments anyone or anything would be happy to receive.


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If you feel that memes aren’t going far enough to show off your hatred for the vile herb that is coriander, consider a more permanent way to display your beliefs. There’s undeniable photographic evidence that there’s at least one person on planet Earth with a tattoo of coriander encircled by the words “I Hate Coriander”. Now, that’s what I call dedication.







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This post was curated & Posted using : RealSpecific

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