23 Photos Taken Before And After Brides Got Their Wedding Makeup (New Pics)

We already featured the work of Kosovan make-up artist Arber Bytygi, who makes such incredible transformations for brides-to-be that the groom might think he showed up at the wrong wedding! While some might prefer a subtle, natural look on their big day, Arber specializes in glamorous, red-carpet makeovers, turning women into the Kardashian version of beauty – all smoky eyes, bold brows and painted lips. Image credits: Image credits: Image credits: Image credits: arber_bytyqi_mua arber_bytyqi_mua “When I finished high school, my family didn’t want me to continue my studies in the beauty industry because in our culture it’s considered tabu if a male works in this industry. So, at first, I got a master’s degree in economics and only then …

30 Transformations By Belarusian Hair Stylist

Belarus-born stylist Yevgeny Zhuk is one of the very best in the business, having moved to Moscow, Russia to open up his own salon. He offers haircuts and makeup that bring about astonishing transformations, giving a woman that extra glamour that she might otherwise save for only for holidays and special events. As well as having his own beauty salon, he’s also a host for several beauty-transformation TV shows, which allows him to access equipment and a team of other field specialists in order to achieve some of the more extreme transformations. #23 #24 #25 #26 #27 #28 #29 #30 See Also on Bored Panda