I Found Places Where Nature Takes Over Places Abandoned By Humans

I have been traveling around Europe for almost 10 years in search of forgotten heritage places. Here you find a series of photographs where nature mixes with human’s built environment. #1 10 reply View More Replies… #3 8 reply #5 11 reply View More Replies… #7 4 reply View More Replies… #9 6 reply View More Replies… #11 reply 6 reply View More Replies… #13 31 reply View More Replies… #15 11 reply View More Replies… #17 10 reply View More Replies… #19 #20 4 reply View More Replies… See Also on Bored Panda

I Capture The Unexpected Friendship Between My Dog And My Duck On Film (25 Pics)

My newest photography series is about the friendship between my dog and my duck. Vendetta, the dog, is an old German Shepherd female. And Lemony is an Indian Runner Duck. Vendetta is completely in love with water so naturally, I began to take Lemony together with us to the lake, and then even to the woods and the city. Still, I’ve got a lot of projects and shooting ideas with them but here are some shots that I wish you to show. I hope you will enjoy them! More info: 4 reply #2 Soulmates 8 reply View More Replies… #3 Cuddling time in the bed 7 reply #4 After a swim at the lake, watching the sun goes down 3 …

30 Landscape Paintings Framed By Nature And Aaron Schuerr

Aaron Schuerr has many descriptions to his name: artist, writer, actor, husband, and father. And while all have a certain distinction to them, one of those connects him to other people on a much deeper level. Art is what Schuerr uses to translate the experiences of nature to other people. “Though painting is largely a solitary endeavor, it is never a lonely one because I am invited to share in the ineffable mystery of beauty,” he explains. Schuerr’s artwork encapsulates the beauty of nature, portraying various landscapes in vivid colors and combinations. The artist juxtaposes his pieces to the subject which in his work becomes a frame, a perfect background that seamlessly blends with art to create one breathtaking image. …

Ive Known I Wanted To Be An Artist Since I Was 2, Here Is What Ive Drawn By Age 16

My name is Dusan Krtolica, I am 16 years old and I live in Serbia. Drawing is my greatest passion, and I find my inspiration in nature. I am mostly fascinated by animals and their great diversity, as well as their amazing ability to adapt to living in many different environments. I started drawing when I was 2 years old. To this day, I had 6 solo exhibitions and participated in many TV shows where I talked about my work. When I was 13 years old I wrote and illustrated an My drawing at 9 years old My drawing at 12 years old