22 Sassiest Responses To Homophobe Comparing Being Straight During Pride Month To Being A Jew In Nazi Germany

They say that the best way to respond to hate is with love. True, but in these days of anonymous internet trolling there might be an even better option: sarcastic mockery. The latest trend among alt-right types these days is to present themselves as some kind of victim; where is my straight pride parade? Why don’t I get a white history month? What about an international men’s day? Completely missing the point that our entire social structure is skewed heavily in favor of the straight, white male. Do you really need those things to feel accepted and valued, snowflake? Image credits: Image credits: ‘Murdered By Words’ page. Ironically enough, the very best takedown to this abhorrent tweet was by a …

Woman Mocks Guy That Wanted To Take Her On A Date To Applebees, Gets Destroyed With 19 Responses

An entitled woman thought people would appreciate her ridiculing a guy for trying to take her to Applebee’s But someone stepped in and explained in the comments why she’s actually the loser here Mike Mozart