My Son Turned My Life Upside Down, I Illustrate It In 20 Honest And Funny Comics

My name is Luba Sobol. I’m an artist and a young mom from Russia. But as it turned out, you can have quite a lot of fun even when your life is turned upside down by the little man. When you sink into your daily routine, the best you can do is laugh. I laugh at situations and at myself and it helps me to stay afloat in this sea of merciless motherhood. Now, my son is almost three years old and I feel relieved. He doesn’t spend all the time in my arms, he can play on his own, he can say what he wants and he can make jokes although he doesn’t realize when he says something funny. …

I Put My Parenting Moments Into Comics (20 Pics)

here but my drawing style has changed a lot since! 12 reply View More Replies… #2 12 reply View More Replies… #4 21 reply #6 5 reply 8 reply #9 10 reply #11 7 reply View More Replies… #14 9 reply View More Replies… #16 14 reply View More Replies… #18 #19 See Also on Bored Panda

I Captured My Husbands Reaction To My Third Pregnancy And I Am So Glad I Did

My husband stood by my side as the pregnancy test turned positive with our first two children. So for the third time around, I thought I would do something fun and have his reaction captured forever. And I am so glad I did. He really had no idea… Still has no idea… Oh, thank goodness, he’s excited!

My 42 Favorite Moments Of Toddler Logic At Its Finest

I’ve been drawing comics about life as a dad since my son was born three years ago. I use it as a visual journal (that I ultimately want to gift to my kid!), where I try to capture a moment a day. When I started this journey of parenthood, I had no idea what I was doing. And after three years, I still sort of have no idea what I’m doing… but I do know parenting is as tough as it is rewarding. So if you’re parent, kudos to you! And if you’re not a parent, well then tell your mom or dad kudos to them! There are my favorite moments of toddler logic at its finest. Enjoy! If you’re …

I Turned Crazy Motherhood Moments Into 30 Comics

You might ask yourself why I don’t only draw the blonde character since that one resembles me. Well, I created those two fictional girls (Debi and Bebi) based on my friend and me. She is Pakistani and I am German. 13 reply #2 7 reply #4 12 reply #6 2 reply #8 #9 11 reply #11 18 reply View More Replies… #13 12 reply #15 8 reply #17 8 reply #19 2 reply 3 reply 12 reply View More Replies… #23 9 reply #25 13 reply View More Replies… #27 #28 8 reply View More Replies… #30 Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific

Sashimi Artist Designs Incredible Food Art From Raw Fish And Other Edible Ingredients

One culinary artist, going by the handle of mikyoui0, never had a job related to art or design, however, he has a son who he wanted to teach food preparation to and also instill a love for it. He decided to think out of the box and turn the learning process into a fun activity by making art out of food. During the summer of last year, he started working with fish, therefore, it was a perfect opportunity to start the learning process! The artist taught his son how to slice and prepare sashimi and the whole learning process became a fun activity where he was able to make amazing creatures and form excellent art pieces. The fun part is …