30 Everyday Problems Illustrated In Cute And Funny Comics By Parisian Artist (New Pics)

wrote about an incredible artist whose sense of humor won over thousands of people on Instagram. She has been busy, so I think it’s time to share some of her works with wider audiences again. ari_stocrate. The comics seem to reflect the real-life problems of a young woman – from period cramps to the joys and travails of living with a cat – you might find yourself nodding along with wry recognition at many of the situations that Ariane portrays! Instagram | webtoons.com | #2 #3 The artist’s following is constantly growing so we asked what Ariane thinks are the best and the worst things about having a following. “The best thing is this wonderful warm feeling to have some …

I Put My Parenting Moments Into Comics (20 Pics)

here but my drawing style has changed a lot since! 12 reply View More Replies… #2 12 reply View More Replies… #4 21 reply #6 5 reply 8 reply #9 10 reply #11 7 reply View More Replies… #14 9 reply View More Replies… #16 14 reply View More Replies… #18 #19 See Also on Bored Panda