Sick Of Getting Hit On By Creepy Bar Dudes This Girl Starts Giving Friends Number, He Destroys Them One By One

The fake number is a classic escape technique that girls use on creepy guys they meet all the time, but in some cases, it can backfire. They might try to stalk you on social media or harass your friends and situations can escalate. One girl’s guy friend gave her a different solution.

He offered his own cell number up as tribute to the cause and received a wave of creepy messages. Well as some people do when the person on the other line doesn’t know who they are texting, he decided to use the opportunity to troll these guys. Scroll down below to see the text message exchanges between these guys and “the girl” from the bar.

One guy wanted to stop his female friend from being harassed so he decided to take action

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“I gotta say, its so much fun seeing how pissed off they get when they realize they’ve been duped and have been “sexting” a dude the entire time”

Hopefully, these dudes learned their lesson and will rethink hassling girls in the future

People thought this idea was brilliant and were horrified at how creepy some guys can be

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