Ruby Rose Reveals Her Surprising Secret To Eternal Youth

Thirty-one-year-old actress Ruby Rose looks incredible for her age. The Orange Is The New Black performer has always been drop dead gorgeous, looking years younger than she is – although it isn’t all down to good genetics.

Rose says she has a secret to looking the way she does, and it probably isn’t what you think. The Australian beauty first got her start as a VJ (media personality) for MTV Australia. Her striking look led to several high profile modeling jobs, including one as the face of Maybelline New York. Rose had hosted Australia’s Next Top Model and The Project before focusing exclusively on acting. She is best known for staring as Stella Carlin in seasons three and four of the Netflix hit Orange Is The New Black. She’s also slated to appear in the upcoming films Pitch Perfect 3 and Meg. Now that Rose has become a household name, many people have become obsessed with the star’s look. Her ever-youthful appearance is highly sought after, and while other celebrities will credit healthy eating, drinking water and wearing sunscreen to keeping their skin youthful, Rose does not. Interestingly, Rose credits her sobriety to her eternal youth. She says she stopped drinking alcohol six years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Rose confessed she used to drink quite a lot and wanted to make a change. She added that it’s how she remains looking like a “15-year-old boy” and would look much older if she had continued drinking the way she had been. “It’s also how I keep looking like a 15-year-old boy when I’m 31. If I kept drinking the way I was, I would look 65 now,” she claims. Rose says a number of factors led to her decision to quit alcohol but said the tipping point came when she accidentally threw up on pop star Katy Perry. She says the messy behavior wasn’t good for her career, and now uses her sobriety as a tool to get ahead in Hollywood. “Red eyes, smudged lipstick, a funny walk, potential slurring, forgetting people like their personal space and talking loudly – put them together and you don’t get Scarlett Johansson,” she said. In fact, she’s even claimed that her sobriety is the reason she’s found success in Hollywood! Rose says she hangs out with people at celebrity parties and, because they are drunk and she is sober, she is able to make a good impression. “I go out and work functions are the best because you go up and, you know, schmooze and you talk and the next thing you know you’ve got a movie role,” she revealed. “Because they think you’ve made a great impression on them but they don’t realize it’s because you stood there with them all night and that’s all they remember.” Rose also claims the cost of alcohol, the toll on her health, and the fact that drinking is not sexy were factors leading to her decision to become a teetotaler. Rose, who DJs in her spare time, added, “I realize now after having DJ-ed the club circuit sober how alcohol can turn a beautiful young man or woman into a slobbering creature from Middle Earth in just a few hours.”

If you want even more Ruby Rose, check her out in the video below as she gives an incredible performance on Lip Sync Battle. She certainly proves that you don’t need alcohol to have fun! So if you want eternal youth like Ruby Rose, maybe it’s time to lay off the booze. Perhaps it’s something to consider as a New Year’s resolution?

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