Man Has Friends Choose His Bride19 Yrs Later, Their Viral Love Story Takes a Heartbreaking Turn

“I’m gonna get married on June 13, 1998.”

Of that, David Weinlick was certain.

What he wasn’t so sure about, however, was who his beloved bride would be.

Sooo he told his friends to pick out a woman who he would wed in the Mall of America on that exact date, just a few short days in the future.

Yep, instead of tux shopping, these groomsmen were tasked with bride shopping.

It may sound like it came straight out of a Lifetime movie script, but I’m totally not kidding. 

In a modern-day arranged marriage of sorts that started like a reality TV show, one could hardly imagine that it would spark a romance that withstood the test of time.

But the fairy-tale love story of Dave Weinlick and Elizabeth Runze did just that.

America scoffed at the mockery of a marriage that was surely never meant to last. I mean, this blind set-up was like ‘The Bachelor’ on steroids before the show even made its debut.

But according to Dave, “It was a spectacle wedding, but not a spectacle marriage.”

Nineteen years and four children later, these unlikely lovebirds have given us no choice but to believe them.

However, while they may have withstood the test of time and criticism, the Weinlicks have recently been hit by a wave of devastating news that will seemingly bring about the tragic end of what they call “our great love story.”

Dave has been diagnosed with inoperable terminal stage IV colon cancer.

“Basically, our fairy tale romance is being cut short by decades,” says Elizabeth. “We’re hoping that we get Dave for another year. We’ll be lucky if we get that.”

But this fireproof couple is refusing to let a terminal diagnosis steal their joy in Dave’s final days.

Nearly two decades later, watch how the Weinlicks are tackling this unthinkable heartbreak with humor, grace and one inspiring dose of courage:

‘Life is Short’ is Not a Cliché

19 years ago a guy walked into the Mall of America and said, “I’m getting married today.” The only problem? He needed to find a wife.


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