Ken Jeong Stops Mid-Standup Set To Save Woman Suffering Seizure In The Audience!

Thank goodness for Dr. Ken!

Ken Jeong, the one-time doctor who has since taken over as an actor and comic in movies like The Hangover and Knocked Up among many other appearances, but it was during a set on Saturday night in Phoenix that his medical training had to come in handy!

According to TMZ, Jeong was doing a comedy set at Stand Up Live last night when a woman in the third row began experiencing a seizure.

As soon as Ken realized what was going on, he hopped off the stage and rushed to the woman’s aid!

Sources report that he cleared the area and attended to the woman up until paramedics arrived; an audience member who was an EMT also helped out, according to reports.

He then stayed with the woman until the ambulance arrived, at which point paramedics were able to take her to the hospital, and the doctor-turned-comedian was able to resume his show.

What a night!!!

Thankful there was a doctor in the house to help out!!

[Image via NBC.]

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