Jon Stewart Returns to Daily Show to Mock Anti-Semitic Roy Moore Robocalls

Jon Stewart returned to The Daily Show on Thursday night. And he did so as Bernie Bernstein, the fake Washington Post reporter who was featured in the Alabama robocalls looking for dirt of Roy Moore.

Im going to go out of a limb and say that this Bernie Bernstein is not a real Washington Post reporter, host Trevor Noah said after playing the call that really did reach Alabama voters this past week. I dont even know what that accent was, he added. It sounded like a guy trying to do a New York Jewish voice based on hearing a friend describe a Woody Allen movie.

Just then, Noah received a call from Bernstein, a real person, who happened to be calling from backstage. After revealing the caller to be his predecessor, Noah discovered that Stewart was just finding another elaborate way to promote this Saturdays Night of Too Many Stars benefit.

You dont need anti-Semitism to come on the show, you could have just asked me, Noah said.

I dont need it, I just like it that way, Stewart replied.

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