Japanese Artists Reimagine Countries And Their Flags As Anime Characters For 2020 Tokyo Olympics (30 Pics)

While Tokyo is busy preparing for the 2020 Olympics, people are already psyched for it. A few Japanese artists have come together to create an unofficial promotion campaign for the big event, drawing inspiration from a subject they’re incredibly passionate about. Anime. They have been reimagining the participating countries as badass characters who are ready to go into combat, and the designs are very Japanese. In a totally good way. Each “competitor” is created with the culture, history and national identity of the corresponding country in mind, offering a pretty visual harmonious diversity. Which is what the Olympics is all about.




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“There are six people working on the project, but more creators will join soon,” World Flags told Bored Panda. “We’ve been doing it for about a year now.” And even though the crew haven’t done every participating country yet, they said the won’t stop until everyone who is participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics gets their own character.




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“We feel so much respect for all of the countries around the world. They and their symbols (flags) are very important to us,” the artists said. “We know we can’t treat any of them in a way that would disrespect them and that’s what we’re constantly trying to do.”



“We started this project after recognizing the diversity between all of the people in the world. Also, we believe that illustration is the perfect tool to highlight this. Our motto is ‘The whole world is cool!'”


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South Korea

“Japan and Tokyo have already started promoting the Olympics and they’re doing a good job. We want to remind that World Flags is not a part of the Olympics. We just wanted to contribute. We believe that art — and anime in particular — can truly do wonders when it comes to both celebrating the bond between the Japanese culture and the rest of the world and acknowledging their differences.”


South Africa




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