Guy Shares How Keanu Reeves Bought Ice Cream Just To Give Him An Autograph, And People Fall In Love With Him Even More

Actor Keanu Reeves has not only made a name for himself in Hollywood for his acting but for maintaining his salt of the earth personality despite his fame. One quick Google search and you’ll find an array of wholesome stories about the John Wick star. An example of his good Samaritan character happened this year when his from San Francisco to Los Angeles made an emergency landing in Bakersfield, California and instead of taking a luxury car he organized a bus for all the passengers and rode with them.

Well, Reeves has gone viral again after a fan shared his experience meeting the Canadian actor back when he was 16-years-old, and it is truly heartwarming. In honor of the actors newest film John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, Social Media Producer at SB Nation, James Dator, decided to share his experience meeting Reeves back in 2001 when he was just 16-years-old.


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Image credits: lionsgate

Image credits: James_Dator

Image credits: James_Dator

Dator was working at a movie theater at the time in Sydney, Australia when who should saunter in but Reeves. It was 2001 which was in the midst of Matrix mania so to see Neo walking in your workplace would be quite the thrill.

Image credits: keanu.charles.reeves


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Image credits: James_Dator

Unprepared to see a celebrity of his stature, Dator didn’t realize who had walked in the door. Keanu was dressed in his signature casual but eccentric style complete with an equestrian style helmet.

Image credits: James_Dator

The actor was there to see the Johnny Depp film “From Hell” about a clairvoyant police detective investigating the murders of Jack the Ripper. Dator knew he couldn’t let the opportunity to get an autograph pass him by, but wanted to play it cool so he offered him an employee discount so he would have to sign a sheet.

Image credits: James_Dator

Confused, Keanu informed the young man that he was not an employee and Dator’s plan quickly fell apart. He recalls kicking himself for not just asking for an autograph outright.

Image credits: James_Dator

Luckily for him, the perceptive actor had realized later what was really going on and returned to his box office window.


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Image credits: James_Dator

He said “I realized you probably wanted my autograph, so I signed this,” and handed him a signed receipt from an ice cream cone he had bought. On his way back to the movie Dator saw him throw out the cone.

Image credits: wikimedia

Image credits: James_Dator

It took Dator some time to figure out that the star had just bought the ice cream for a receipt so he could fulfill the dream of a shy fan. Dator’s Twitter thread went viral and the original tweet has nearly 20,000 RT’s and over 50,000 Likes.

Image credits: keanu.charles.reeves

Reeves was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this month, and I’m sure all his fans agree no one is more deserving.

People loved the thread and some even shared their own awesome experiences with the actor

Image credits: robprather


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