For Nightclub Promoters, Blac Chyna Is ‘Not Relevant Anymore’ Without Ties To Kardashian Family And Nobody Wants To Pay Her!

We can only hope she saved as much money as possible!

Blac Chyna is apparently having serious trouble making money by booking club appearance gigs, because according to a new report out that asked around to club promoters, she is “not relevant anymore” for nightclubs looking to pay celebs. Yikes!!!

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Chyna, who turns 30 next week, has apparently been spreading the word around to club promoters all over the country that she’s available for bookings. The only problem? Nobody is taking her up on it.

Her earning power in club appearance bookings has fizzled since her breakup with Rob Kardashian — and the actual numbers behind it are a shit show!!!

Way back when, BC was booking club gigs that had her getting paid more than $30,000 just for making an appearance.

Now, she’s struggling to find club owners who are interested in paying even $5,000 for an appearance! One unnamed Miami club promoter told TMZ “the max” he’d pay her is just $2,000.

That’s quite a fall from grace.

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Of course, for us normal people, getting paid a few thousand bucks to show up at a club sounds like a pretty great life! LOLz!!

But to drop from $30k to just a couple grand in a few months’ time… not a great look!!!

What do you guys think, Perezcious readers?! Let us know in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Instagram.]

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