Chinese Sci-Fi Film Producers Say Horrific Dog Abuse Revealed On Set Was ‘An Accident’

Are you buying this tepid walk-back?! Because we’re pretty skeptical…

As we reported yesterday, former

Now, producers have come out publicly to reveal what they say really happened when the poor German Shepherd dropped — multiple times — into icy waters: they claim it was all a big accident!

Twice… Suuuuuuure

Producers claim that it was their intention to have the dog in the crate, but that the crate should have just stayed suspended over the icy water, rather than being dropped into it… twice… during two different takes.

They say that the special apparatus they designed must have failed… twice… and the cage fell into the water with the helpless dog inside… twice…

Yeah, sorry, not buying that. It’s all bull shit!

[Image via Dave Starbuck/Future Image/WENN.]

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