30 Embarrassing Childhood Photos Where Kids Look A Couple Of Decades Older

By now, you’ve probably seen at least a couple of babies who look like old people. But this deceiving image isn’t exclusive to the tiniest ones. Bored Panda has collected a list of childhood photos where kids also appear to be at least a couple of decades in decay, and they’re just as hilarious. From a 10-year-old sassy grandma to a 40-year-old receptionist attending 4th grade, you’d think these unfortunate folks would be the ones pinching your cheeks at the next family reunion. Truth is, they will actually be on the receiving end instead. Scroll down, enjoy, and upvote your faves!


My Friend’s Baby Pictures Look Like Mrs. Doubtfire


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If you’re worried about your embarrassing photos that might one day crawl out of your hard drive and spread over the Internet, don’t be. We all are. In fact, there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for why the person staring back at you looks so very unfamiliar, even though that person is you. The answer to why you hate seeing photos of yourself is mirrors. The explanation given in a TED talk by photographer Duncan Davidson, for example, explains how “perception, mirrors, and the uncanny valley make us hate photos of ourselves.”


When It’s Your First Day Of Kindergarten And Also Your First Day As Head Of The PTA


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Back in 1977, in a study titled “Reversed Facial Images and the Mere-Exposure Hypothesis,” psychologists Theodore H. Mita, Marshall Dermer, and Jeffrey Knight concluded that “individuals will prefer a facial photograph that corresponds to their mirror image rather than to their true image.” As the title of the study suggests, everything has to do with something called the mere-exposure effect.


I Looked Like A Middle Aged Man When I Was A Child

The mere-exposure effect was first proposed in the 1960s by Stanford psychologist, Robert Zajonc. According to Gizmodo, “In its simplest terms, the mere-exposure effect is a psychological phenomenon whereby a person develops a preference for a stimulus based solely on his or her repeated exposure to (and subsequent familiarity with) it. The effect has been demonstrated with an array of stimuli (words, paintings, sounds) and across cultures. It’s even been observed in other species.”


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I Looked 70 When I Was 13

So the truth is, if photograph-you looked like mirror-image you, in a way, everyone else would think you look bizarre. The same researchers, who showed a person is more likely to prefer a facial photograph that corresponds to their mirror image rather than their true image, also demonstrated that the opposite was true when the images were shown to the person’s friends. So, again, don’t worry about it. Photograph-you looks great.


When You Look Over 40 But You’re Actually 12


My Wife Was A 40-Year-Old Receptionist In 4th Grade


Yeah, So I Heard My Best Friend Was Made Into A Meme Called The 60-Year-Old Girl


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This Is Why I Never Had A Girlfriend In High School. I Looked 35 When I Was 14


Give Me The Sassy Grandma Look


I Looked Like An Old Jewish Man In 9th Grade


6th Grade Going On 60


My Friend’s Yearbook Picture From 2nd Grade. Apparently She Used To Be A Lesbian Art Teacher


Glamour Shot Blunder (7-Years-Old)


The Blunder Brothers, Circa 1994. I’m In Purple


I Was Born In 1981, But Turned 55 In 1992


First Day Of High School, I Was Apparently Going For The 70-Year-Old Man Look


That Time I Went To My High School Prom And Looked Like A 45-Year-Old Woman


At Age 10 I Looked Like I Was Ready To Give Up And Change My Name To Linda


Blundering Through 2nd Grade


I Too Was Born In 1981. I Present To You, The Butch Soccer Mom (I’m A Guy)

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1981. I Thought I Was The **** In My Band Uniform And Permed Hair, And Weighing All Of 90 Pounds (With The Cymbals)


I Was Dwight Schrute When I Was 15


After The Seventh Child My Mom Decided It’s Just Easier To Dress Me In Her Own Clothes


A Friend’s 6th Grade Picture. Not Her Grandmother


My Friend Looked Like Elton John When He Was Younger


I Was In 2nd Grade. I Look Like I Am 50


My Sister’s Glamour Shot: Age 4


No Front Teeth, Mom As A Stylist




Band Geek, 1987

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