26 Comics By A Medical Student Who Never Had The Guts To Become A Comic Artist, But Finally Dared To

I’ve wanted to draw comics for a while now but never really had the guts to, but I decided to take the plunge! Here are some I made in the last couple of weeks. The style is a little inconsistent as I’m still trying to find what looks best.

I’m a medical student, studying to become a doctor in Rotterdam, with dreams of becoming a cardiologist. Through medicine I have learned that, though the physical body is very important, mental well-being is also paramount when it comes to being a happy and healthy person. Though I may not be able to help you with the physical aspect for now, I am able to help with the mental side. Laughter and smiling flood the body and brain with happy chemicals and overall lift your mood, make you feel more energized and reduce stress. Through my comics, I hope to be able to bring a beautiful wide grin to your face and, at least momentarily, let you forget about your worries.

I have always loved doing art in my free time, I was drawing before I knew how to walk, and probably even talk- though they probably didn’t look like much at the time. When I was 12 I got my very first drawing tablet, I was bouncing off the walls with pure joy and excitement! I spent countless late nights practicing and getting to know the digital world of art. I explored realism as well as abstract but found that I was most happy making comics about daily life. I try and put annoying nuisances most of us have to deal with on a semi-daily basis into a humor spotlight through my drawings.

I hope you like them!





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