2 women fly cross-country to confront cheating husbandsand a stranger live-tweeted it all

At an airport bar, it’s normal to overhear people talking to strangers about their travel plans. It’s rarer to hear a conversation about two women about to confront their husbands on a surprise cross-country trip. It’s especially rarer when the two husbands are sleeping with each other.

But one woman eavesdropped on a conversation that sounded just like a movie plot, and she live-tweeted it.

The dialogue between the two women was amazing.

They started boozing.

The author of the tweets pointed out that the women’s situation sounded a lot like the plot of the Netflix show Grace and Frankie, in which two women become friends after their husbands fall in love with each other.

Turns out, they’ve seen it.

The whole thing ended on a cliffhanger.

The internet doesn’t know what happened once the women landed in Chicago and confronted their husbands, but it loves this story.

Everyone wants closure.

And people are calling for someone to turn this story into a script.

We hope that Shot Lady and Gum Lady read this thread on Twitter and give us the full story.

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