Hospital designs that are changing the way you’re cared for

June 19, 2017

… Radiation Oncology Center in Anaheim, California, Yazdani used his design to connect the facility with the landscape, something that was Previously unthinkable, given the need to contain radiation. His team installed zen gardens and living walls that face the treatment rooms. Even after these projects open, they continue to be studied by researchers — and design firms themselves. “We want to go back after a few years to look at the length of [patients’] stays to see if this …


Bill Cosby’s attorney says he is worried about entertainer’s health

June 18, 2017

… who he is– and I respect him for that.” Cosby had Previously admitted to having an affair, McMonagle said, but that was not what he had been on trial for. Hollywood reacts to Bill Cosby mistrial “As I said before, on and on, in the deposition about the carrying-ons that he was involved in the 70s. I said to this jury ‘listen, we don’t run from the fact that this is a man who by his own admission danced outside his marriage’.” After the judge declared …


Here’s What We Know About The U.S. Open Airship Crash

June 16, 2017

The pilot, who was still inside the airship when it crashed, suffered serious burns. He was taken to a Milwaukee hospitalin serious condition, but his injuries were not considered life-threatening. Heres what we know. The pilot had Previously been involved in two forced landings. Thompson was trying to land because the winds were too strong. Patrick Walsh, president of AirSign, believes the crash was caused by a failure of the airships skin, which likely caused the blimp to …


Senators reach Russia sanctions deal

June 13, 2017

Washington (CNN)Senate leaders struck an agreement Monday to roll out additional sanctions on Russia and make it difficult for the President to lift them. The legislation is expected to be attached as an amendment to an unrelated bill involving sanctions on Iran. Sen. Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee, had Previously been hesitant to take up a Russia sanctions bill in his committee. But he said last month that he wanted to see progress with Russia or …


Merkel says EU is ‘ready to start Brexit negotiations’ – BBC News

June 10, 2017

A spokesman for Mrs Merkel had Previously refused to be drawn on the issue out of “politeness and respect” while the process of forming a new UK government was under way. Mrs May says she will form a government with the Democratic Unionist Party from Northern Ireland, which won 10 seats. Can Theresa May stay as PM? May to finalise cabinet amid DUP talks What the election result means for Brexit Brexit delays over UK hung parliament? Image copyright PA Image caption Mrs May …


Actually, Mike Pence, Climate Change Has Nothing To Do With A ‘Liberal’ Agenda

June 3, 2017

… important thing the United States can do to solve our energy and climate challenge is to double funding for basic energy research. The Presidents decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement is disappointing and concerning, particularly given the widespread and non-partisan support from business and political leaders for remaining in the Agreement. Although Graham expressed support for the decision to leave the Paris accord, he has Previously acknowledged the gravity of climate …


People Are Not Happy About This Body-Shaming Snow White Movie

June 1, 2017

… journey to find her lost father and learns not only to accept herself, but to celebrate who she is, inside and out. And to let the beauty within … shine brighter than anyone else in the land. Red Shoes and the 7 Dwarfs was Previously scheduled for a summer 2017 release. Earlier this month, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Moretz was set to add her voice to the movie and that South Korean sales company Finecut would be introducing the film to buyers at the Cannes Film Festival. …


Now it’s up to the special counsel

Washington (CNN)A bad day for the White House could turn out to be a good day for justice and democratic accountability and institutions. Robert Mueller’s appointment Wednesday as special counsel to probe Russian election meddling and any collusion by Trump campaign aides elevates the investigation clear of partisanship and the threat of White House interference. It therefore may offer the best chance for a politically bulletproof accounting of the guilt or innocence of members of the …

May 18, 2017