8 Ways To Sleep Better When It’s Blistering Hot Outside

June 22, 2017

As a result, she developed some creative tricks to cool down her kids before bedtime, like dampening and freezing a teddy bear that they could take to bed. Cooler temperatures actually help your bodyproduce more melatonin, the powerful hormone that work to make you feel sleepy, she explained. So sleeping in a hot room where its nearly impossible to cool down will be an obstacle to a good nights rest. The effects of poor sleep are varied but often catastrophic, fromavoidable motor vehicle …


Foreign Carmakers Invoke Reagan To Sway Trump On Trade

June 17, 2017

… access to Canadian and Mexican consumer markets, and parts suppliers elsewhere in North America. Of course, experts disagree about the net employment effects of this bilateral trade, let alone its benefits for consumers. Some 17 percent of the value of Mexican automotive exports to the U.S. comes from components, chemicals and services that originated in the United States, according to an estimate by the economic think tank Bruegel. The type of NAFTA reform that Bozzella said the AGA …


Drug shrinks ovarian tumours in early trial – BBC News

June 3, 2017

… so they tested it on a small number of patients. But they found it significantly shrunk tumours in seven of the 15 patients who took the drug – all seven carrying a particular molecule that the drug was specifically designed to target. ONX-0801 is the first in a new class of drugs which work by mimicking the ability of folic acid selectively to latch on to cancer cells, while leaving healthy tissue alone, thus reducing the side-effects often seen with traditional chemotherapy, such as …


9 Times Donald Trump Twisted Facts In His Speech Quitting Paris Accord

June 2, 2017

… ambitious goals with the hope of staving off the most catastrophic effects of global warming. Trump did not discuss climate science nor the dire consensus among nearly all peer-reviewed climatologists that emissions from burning fossil fuels, industrial farming and deforestation have put the planet on course to warm beyond the point where the climate will be irreversibly changed by the end of the century. By that sheer omission alone, the speech was misleading. Here are nine more things that …


1.2 million adolescents’ deaths mostly preventable, report says

(CNN)More than 1.2 million adolescents die every year around the world — an average of 3,000 deaths per day — from causes that are largely preventable, according to a new report from the World Health Organization. The leading cause of deathamong 10- to 19-year-olds globally in 2015 was road injury, which killed more than 115,000 people, followed by lower respiratory infections and self-harm. When separated by age, sex and region, however, the leading causes of death differed …

May 16, 2017